Mastering the Reading TEKS® Whiteboard

Mastering the Reading TEKS™ Whiteboard

Reinforcement and Review for TEKS Reading

Reading Levels 2-8
Pricing: $245 Whiteboard Only

Mastering the Reading TEK® Whiteboard

Reinforcement and Review for TEKS® Reading

Reading Levels 2-8

Authentic literary and informational text and paired passages with complex open-ended reading comprehension questions.

Four units to reinforce reading comprehension skills:

  • Part A: Looking at Content
  • Part B: Looking at Context
  • Part C: Interpretation & Connections
  • Part D: All Together – puts all of the TEKS® together, some questions cover more than one standard.

Open-ended questions require students to read and re-read the text and cite examples from the text to develop their answers.

Students learn how to analyze, interpret, critique, and make connections with the text and themes.

Extra multiple-choice questions available online in PDF format for each passage reinforce reading skills.

Extensive Teacher Guide with instructional strategies, pacing guide, and scoring rubrics.

Pricing: $245 Whiteboard Only
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