Get Your Struggling Readers Reading!

A Continuous Path of Instruction, Review, & Reinforcement



The Struggling Readers Program is focused on students who have difficulty comprehending reading material at their grade level. The goal is to establish a firm foundation of learning instead of moving students quickly to more advanced levels. This is accomplished by continuous instruction and practice.

Benchmark Assessments establish each student's Instructional Reading Level.


The Struggling Readers Program was created based on the concept that struggling readers require consistent, continuous, and constant instruction, review, reinforcement, and practice. Instruction should be based on a student’s instructional reading level. This is a collaborative and customized school program based on the specific needs of each student.



This Program follows two simultaneous instructional paths:

1. Personalized Learning – after completing the Benchmark Assessment, students complete online lessons on their own using a self-running, online, instructional skills-based reading program.

2. Teacher-Led Instruction – teachers lead student learning using three series of materials for: targeted instruction, guided instruction, and independent practice.

Mastery Assessment measures mastery for progress monitoring.

Matching Grant Program!

RALLY! Education® is offering a matching grant for this program and is currently soliciting proposals.

We will match all purchases with a minimum of 25 students!
We will customize the program to meet your students’ specific and individual needs.

Matching Grants will be made on an ongoing basis.
RALLY! will award grants within 2 weeks of receipt of the proposal.
Deadline for submitting proposals is July 31, 2020.

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Struggling Readers Program
Reading Levels 1-8
$128 per Student
ISBN: 2379-2
Minimum 25 students

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